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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Officer injured in race-baiting case. Victimhood mentality on display.

This story takes the cake. Instead of pulling together and combating racism/discrimination together, the liberal black establishment--aided by the GWL (guilty white liberal) left continues to promote the victim mentality. Instead of working with conservatives to lift everyone up, the liberal black establishment continues to foster a victim mentality. They continue to foster the narrative that the "white conservative establishment" is inherently racist and most be exposed.

Rather than focusing on how to decrease the cycle of violence in the black community among young black males, they try to "expose" the ones who are charged with protecting/servicing as racists. What kind of message does that send to the youth? Instead of working on building trust it reinforces the self-deluding mentality that "(conservative) whitey" is not to be trusted.

No one is saying any side is clean in the area of race, but when you start with a racist mindset at the "activists" in this story did, nothing good can come of it.

Race baiting 101

Relations between the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department and some members of the African-American community are still a sore spot in the weeks since the Brandon Johnson incident.
Case in point -- an altercation in which an officer was injured during a presentation to a youth symposium last weekend that officials said was staged, leading to the suspension of a parks manager and animosity among officers, 6News' Jack Rinehart reported.

The race card pulled from the deck

Sgt. Matthew Grimes was asked to give a presentation to a church audience on July 24 at Municipal Gardens, in the 1800 block of Lafayette Road.

During the presentation, an altercation broke out in the crowd, and Grimes intervened. The officer was thrown to the ground and drew his Taser, ready to stun one of the people involved, police said.

At that point, someone stepped in and told the officer that the incident had been concocted to test the reaction of the officer to the situation, police said. Grimes suffered severe back spasms after the incident and was taken to Methodist Hospital for treatment.

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