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Saturday, August 7, 2010

The "religion of peace", honor killings and new blog ideas

When Michael Savage says "Liberalism is a mental disorder", sometimes I think he is on to something. The modern liberal or leftist in their pursuit of fairness, tolerance and support of the underdog, sometimes is blind to obvious wrong.

How else do you get to a point where when discussing the CURRENT problems with Islam, the left then spouts about historical injustices of Christianity/Catholicism. This is equating a reformed religion with one that never has had a true reformation. Furthermore, how does something that "Christians" did in the name of Christianity back in the day, justify allowing Muslims of today to do horrible thing? Hitler killed millions of Jews, does that man Israel should nuke a few German cities?

Anyway, I was watching a show on Fox about honor killings and thought it's interesting how the left, esp. feminists, who are suppose to be the voice of the oppressed and voiceless, are quiet about it.


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