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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Obama gets rid of the politics of old, Gulf coast style... Umm, yeah okay.

Obama: 'Old Politics Just Won't Do'
"We can be a party that tries to beat the other side by practicing the same do-anything, say-anything, divisive politics that has stood in the way of progress, or we can be a party that puts an end to it," he said.

That's the way to go Mr. Obama. Let's work towards a uniting this country, not some cynical political end...

President Obama in his continued focus on getting rid of the politics of old, the politics of division, the politics of party has seemingly found a focal point to assist the gulf states. In a move probably even cynical for his administration, he sent a "recovery team" to the Gulf region. However, this recovery team isn't focused on saving incomes and livelihoods of Gulf residents, but rather his own livelihood after 2012. It's becoming quite clear how Obama views the South. Give lip service and don't lift much of a finger unless he has something to gain. Bobby Jindahl? Why offer him help, after all, Louisiana didn't support Obama. Besides, why would he want to assist a possible 2012 opponent?

White House sends 2012 rescue team to Florida

The White House has quietly launched an effort to confront the political backlash along the Gulf Coast over its handling of the BP oil spill – giving special attention to Florida, the only state in the region President Barack Obama won in 2008 and one he will need again when he runs for re-election in 2012.

The White House dispatched political and communications aides to the Gulf Coast states on July 12, with Alabama and Mississippi each receiving one, sources familiar with the effort said. Some aides went to Louisiana. Florida received four.

Ahh, nothing like putting your efforts on what is really most important for the region, right Mr. Obama?

If Obama was really interested in helping the region he wouldn't be trying to destroy the oil industry in the Gulf by forcing an moratorium on much of the drilling in the region.

Obama administration announces new offshore drilling moratorium

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said he decided to put in place a new moratorium because of "evidence that grows every day of the industry's inability in the deep water to contain a catastrophic blowout, respond to an oil spill and to operate safely."

Meanwhile, those who would actually know best and who were consulted about and utilized fraudulently to defend the ban, indicate that they thought the moratorium was unnecessary and potentially financially destructive long-term for the region's economy.

Scientists against oil drilling moratorium meet with Salazar, new MMS head

The group of experts complained earlier this month [June] that Salazar had consulted them on a May 27 report on drilling safety and then falsely implied that the scientists had agreed to a "blanket moratorium" that they actually opposed. They said the moratorium went too far and warned that it "will have a lasting impact on the nation's economy which may be greater than that of the oil spill."

But really what can you expect from an administration which is staffed largely by academe? What can you expect from an administration which appears more interested in agenda than accuracy?

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