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Monday, July 19, 2010

Redefining lacking faith in the people aka Projection


A few things struck me by his speech.

* Why does he insist on calling people workers? I'm not a worker in Obama's America. I'm an employee who works for an employer.

* He is mis-characterizing opposition to a degree. Conservatives see that voting against unemployment isn't popular, but voting for continuation of unemployment benefits without finding a legitimate offset to spending given our massive debt structure is nothing short of irresponsible. When do we stop thinking about our generation and what we can do for us and start thinking about what kind of country are we leaving for our children and grandchildren?

* Ironic that Obama indicated the GOP has a lack of faith in Americans. He has pushed unpopular and expensive legislation over the objections of a majority of Americans. It's as if he doesn't think the American people don't have the sense to know what's good for them. Ironically, it's becoming clearer that much of the voting public are losing faith in him.

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