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Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Plantation of the Mind

When, as a group, you vote for the same party time after time, despite being taken for granted by "your" party and efforts by the opposing party to reach out, you risk being marginalized.

The "so-called" leaders of the group cast their lots with one party for a seat at the table. For a continued seat at the table they use their influence in the group to keep the group voting the right way. The "leaders" use fear and resentment to keep their members voting the right way. They remind their members what the old days were like and claim the opposition party would take them back to the old days of injustice no matter how absurd those claims are. All this to keep their members in line. Whatever it takes to keep their seat at the table, they will do. Including, without any supporting evidence, claim racism on the part of the opposition with little supporting evidence -- in this case, the tea party.

All the while, the real "masters" are the union bosses and the Soros of the world. In a sense, they let the "leaders" have a seat at the back of table as long as they can 'guarantee the vote'. The "leaders" are willing to let the group suffer with inferior schools, lesser opportunity, lowered expectations, dependency (on gov't handouts) and resentment.

* The NEA will get in the way of school choice to secure their union jobs, at the expense of kids trapped in inferior inner city schools.

* The Democrat establishment will turn a blind eye towards illegal immigration and even encourages it. Meanwhile illegal immigrants will undercut the working class (including minorities) to take away opportunities. The pay scale of the opportunities that remain will necessarily undercut.

* They tolerate and excuse bad behavior as they don't want to admit there is a problem. They are more concerned with saving face to the man than dealing with the problems at hand.

* Instead of pushing for higher scores, they push for more relaxed standard.

* Government benefits are treated as a right.

How exactly does that make people free?

In short, as long as they can keep their group in line, they will get a seat in the house. The group will then get nothing but a few peanuts and be left outside. The leadership "teaches" from the top down "how to vote". This extends to the pew, the neighborhood, the family and the friends. If you don't vote the right way or speak out against the approved choice, you get ostracized. Vote the right way or speak the right way and you get approval. In some regards, they even manage to convince themselves that what they 'preach' is righteous. But, who really benefits??

In short, they have built a structure in place that such that their group will vote in obscenely lopsided numbers Democrat. They have conditioned/pressured them to vote that way. The Democrat party may no longer officially support slavery or segregation as they once did, but instead support the Black leadership keeping their people stuck on "The Plantation of the Mind". They no longer toil on the fields to benefit the Democrat establishment, but instead have them conditioned to give unquestioning support to the Democrat establishment no matter how much Conservative reach out or how little regard the establishment treats them with.

It's ironic, the party of Lincoln is now thought of as being "hostile" to the interests of Black America, yet the party of slavery and segregation is now thought to be their friend.

The Liberal Plantation

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