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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What we all knew re: Media handling Obama with kid gloves

Call them racist and change the subject!

Honestly, is anyone really surprised. The Edwards story was all but ignored until Obama had the nomination in the bag. Hmmm, can you say, split the anti-Obama vote with Hillary?

On my other blog A Concerned American, I will explore further how Obama was 'installed" as POTUS by a series of events and mentors. Reason I say installed is this: A normal politician with the background he had wouldn't have been in a position to even seriously run for POTUS, more-less win.

Ah and the NY Times unilaterally deciding that Obama had denounced Wright appropriately and it was time to get past that. As if Obama's absurd denunciation was actually believable. You know: "That's not the Rev. Wright I know". Yep sit in his church for twenty years get Married and baptized by him and have no clue of his divisiveness. ** rolling eyes **
New York Times declares Rev. Wright off-limits

But anyone with an ounce of sense and who was not sucked in by the Obama fairytale already knew what this story seems to confirm.


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